27 Feb 2017

Photography confidential – “The colors of sport”

Hello, everyone!

Not long ago there was a discussion in The Fashion Photography Podcast’s Facebook group and people there told me, they’d really love to see more stories from my behind the scenes moments of some already published projects.

So I made the decision to start my own vlog, and tomorrow will be the first live session!
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The series will be called Photography confidential

The topic tomorrow will be the editorial for Steeze magazine  “Your voice is my summer melody”, as some people asked 🙂
I just want to warm you up with another project and the story behind it!

It’s always so nice to know there is a friend to back you up!
Like for example in this project!

We knew (my team and I) we really wanted to do a sport photo shoot and FRUK Magazine gladly accepted the idea!

We didn’t wanted to have just a clean studio shoot, our mood board was about colors and movement, but the time was pressuring us and the thought of a location shoot was impossible, so we had to deal with the reality and stay in the studio.

Visages model group provided the gorgeous model Iveta Panova and after a short discussion with my adorable MUA Marina Mladenova , the gorgeous stylist Stanimira Stefanova– always ready to surprise me and the braids’ master Marina Popova ( Georgi Petkov), we decided we need something additional, so we can make this project a little bit… more.

Back then I was still supplying my studio with all the things I needed from the local hardware store (you can find a post about it in the links below) and I was sort of a resident there. You can find so many interesting things in those places!
So I came across this Plexiglass with tiny lines in it, and I was like “OMG! This is exactly what we need!”

I took a few photos for the team and they loved the idea, so I ended up buying one, and had to transport it by myself, because I needed it for the next day, and they weren’t sure if they will be able to ship it by then. Thanks to my dad who was with me we somehow managed to put it on the top of our car and to go to the studio with it.
It was a real challenge, because I’m a pocket-size person, and this thing was 2.2 by 1.5m. and it’s quite fragile to be carried around like this, but it was unharmed when we went to the studio and I was soooo relieved!

The real challenge was to light it the next day, due to its reflective surface, especially since we wanted many lights and lots of color, but fortunately all this knowledge in my head payed for the storage, so we handled that situation, quite easy.

It’s funny because the picture you see is exactly the picture on the back of the camera, but many people think the lines are photoshoped, and when I hear this I simply smile, and remember how crazy we were looking, transporting the giant Plexiglass =)))

Having great friends and family believing in you and joining your crazy ideas is so amazing!

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Verginiya Yancheva is a Fashion and Advertising Photographer

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